April 8, 2015

Case Sensitivity in Microsoft BI Platform

I recently worked out some naming guideline stuff for a customer. A while later I realized that my definitions are really very useful – except that no one ever cared of them. So I had to find a reason why to follow the definitions and I found it in case sensitivity issues.

I did a quick research and created a list about case sensitivity of Microsoft BI products which should figure out that our devs could run into problems if they just lazy re-type column names, etc. We use some generator steps in our development and specially there will be a lot of issues.

Here’s the list about case sensitivity:

Technology Case sensitive Comments
SQL Server Database No Can be activated by changing collationDetails
SQL Server Analysis Services No Can be activatedDetails
SQL Server Integration Services Yes Identifiers and contents as well
(e.g. Lookup or Merge Join Components)Details
SQL Server Reporting Services  Yes Identifiers and contents as well

As you could easily imagine, we had a lot of problems during implementation and the willingness to check the spelling AND the casing of names is increasing from problem to problem.


Would you like to share your thoughts?

Would you like to share your thoughts?

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